Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dingle - Night Heron goes walkabout!

A sleepy start to the day and business as usual with the Night Heron showing well but one thing which was blatantly obvious was a mark or strip of material on the right foot!

Contrary to news which seemed to be abounding on twitter later in the day, it's not a ring mark. It's a strip of leaf, petal or some form of vegetation which had become firmly attached to the leg (much akinto the screen protector on your phone!)

And it most definitely wasn't there on Sunday!!

So, with that misinformation put to bed... Sleepyhead seems to have woken now and totally out of the blue, flew to the far end of the pool...

There it was, perched up on the brickwork!

And preparing to go walkabout!

Best foot forward, you can see how the strip of vegetation doesn't extend behind the leg...

And if you haven't seen it, note the missing claw...

Wondering where to go next? Note the leaves.. similar colour to the attached material!

Taking life one step at a time...

And clearly not too keen on the local Mallards!!

Sending them scattering :-)

The final party piece?

A bit uncertain about this 'deep water'?

In fact, clearly pertrified of it!!

I returned in the evening, curious to see if the material had become detached? Looking like more ring marks are now attached in various colours?! You can see the original strip is still attached at this point!

After a bit of a wobbly...

Flying once again to the other end of the pool!

But just look what's disappeared after this particular flight!

Any doubters still out there? Mystery solved, elementary my dear Night Heron!

And with the gates about to be locked, a final tantalising pose!

Yes, we can see you...

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Dingle - Night Heron finale

Setting the scene, this is the only Heron normally seen in this idyllic Shrewsbury garden known as The Dingle!

No superlatives in part one? Bloody hell, absolutely amazing, the Night Heron has not only flown towards us... but landed in a bank side bush in full view! It doesn't look close, does it but it's less than 10m from the bank!

The only questions being asked were, how quickly can I get the converter off and why hadn't I got a shorter focal length lens with me (again)

OK, Converter is now removed but it's still frame filling!!

And walking closer... OMG!

Now there's no alternative, a close up fest beckons...

I'm staying calm!

I was almost relieved when it flew back over to the other side of the pool? Noooo, it''s still too close! (Only kidding) :-)

And if you've never seen a Night Heron's tongue?

I walked around to the far bank - the shot I'd been hankering for - Shrewsbury Night Heron - in habitat!!

Just another ordinary day turned rather extraordinary!!! You couldn't have scripted this?

Dingle - Night Heron part 1

I've run out of superlatives now for this amazing adult male Night Heron which has crossed my path twice now. Amazing etc doesn't begin to convey how well it was showing (on occasions) today!! And now we know where it spends the time when not at Venus Pool! Talking to regulars in the Dingle, it was seen on Friday as well as yesterday...

I nearly didn't connect after a wasted journey at 7.00am (April opening time is 10.00!). I was on another mission until just after midday and had to suffer the agonies of seeing news and pics indicating it wasn't showing well... amazingly well!!

Luckily it was in full view on arrival and here's the first hour or so of proceedings. Most are in vertical format (cos they are full frame!!) it was the only way I could get both the head and feet in!

As ever, mostly inactive apart from a bit of feather bristling...

Or a ruffle...

And staking out the water down below for fish?

Here's a few compressed indigestible fish parts being coughed up!

And then after a brief interlude under a bush...

It proceeded to more towards the only two birders present (myself and Dave Chapman)

Best foot forward!

This water's getting deep!

And did you know Night Herons can swim? Of course they can!

You could sense a move was imminent?

And then this...

No complaints so far and things were going to get a whole lot better!!