Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Scilly day 19 - Wryneck!!

The day started with a Wryneck on the west side of Peninnis.....

and it was about to end with the same bird but showing much better! I'd sat on a stone by the coast path and it flew to within 15m of me - mostly hidden from view but giving tantalising glimpses....

Eating ants in the grassy mounds and eventually it was in the open.....

I was almost dying to trim the few annoying grass stems!!

Ultra close views in the end :-)

But the most satisfying image was from the earlier encounter? It perched up in the nearby brambles....

Realising I couldn't make a decent image? I opted to sit and wait - it would soon be flying out! Setting the camera on manual focus, as soon as it flew, I fired a burst - the first two images were keepers :-) Not perfect but if you like a little bit of wing blur, they add to the dynamics of the take off?


  1. nice shots Jim, especilly like the flight ones. DickF

  2. Nice job Jim, epsecially like the flight shots