Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Image of 2017 - Shropshire

It's that time again - the annual end of year picture accumulation, first off  from Shropshire. It's been an another great year locally with three Shropshire ticks for me. All three feature here and I'm not ashamed to start off with a 'record shot' of the Pine Bunting, - such an important bird which was rarely photographed at all - what a start to the year!

I've selected below a selection -  twenty of 'my' favourite or most memorable pictures (in chronological order) taken in Shropshire during 2017. A local rarity will always (for me) have a bearing on what constitutes a 'favourite picture' but I've sneaked in some common birds too! You can simply select your favourite photos from the assembly - it's always interesting for me to see which is the most popular!

There is a voting box to the right - for this first round simply check the FIVE pictures you like most! (click thumbs to open a larger image) Five votes maximum only please! (Only one voter is possible per PC sorry!)

I will let this poll run until December 22nd and then, the top three pictures will be included with more photos taken elsewhere in the UK during 2017. Voting will then begin again until New Years Eve with YOUR No 1 Picture of the Year being declared on 1st January 2018

Picture 1 - Pine Bunting - Venus Pool (January)

Picture 2 - Water Rail  - Chelmarsh (March)


Picture 3 - White-fronted Goose - Venus Pool (March)

Picture 4 - Black Tern - Colemere (April)

Picture 5 - Yellow-browed Warbler - Shawbirch (April)

Picture 6 - Shore lark - Titterstone Clee  (April)

Picture 7 - Little Ringed Plover - Venus Pool (April)

Picture 8 - Goldcrest - Polemere  (April)

Picture 9 - Night Heron - Shrewsbury (April)

Picture 10 - Wood Warbler - Clunton Coppice (May)

Picture 11 - Avocet - Wood Lane (May)

Picture 12 - Dotterel - Longmynd (May)

Picture 13 - Tawny Owls - Wrekin (June)

Picture 14 - Little Grebe - Venus Pool (June)

Picture 15 - Little Egret- Venus Pool (July)

Picture 16 - Osprey - Venus Pool (July)

Picture 17 - Kingfisher - Venus Pool (July)

Picture 18 - Great White Egret - Tittenley Pool (August)

Picture 19 - Wood Sandpiper - Brown Moss (August)

Picture 20 - Cattle Egret - Venus Pool (October)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Polemere - Pinks

First time out since the 12th! A nasty throat virus has laid me low so simply haven't felt up to going out... As I was passing near Polemere and seeing all the Geese, I thought it was worth a quick check?

It was... a couple of Pink-feet in amongst 342 Greylags and estimated 200 Canadas which I'd lost the will to count!

Here's the first Pink on the water...

And his mate although they clearly weren't speaking!

Beans / White-fronts  next plus a smew or even better Slav Grebe for the County?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Venus Pool - Great White Egret (again!)

A quiet month so far, mostly tied up with talks and busy 'writing' ... Big thank you to Dave Chapman for getting me away from the PC with news of another (or a returning) Great White Egret!!

Yet again, it was rarely static!

Being pushed by either one of the Little Egrets...

Or of course the Heron!

So, plenty of flight shots - landing...

And take off!

Head on...

Or side on...

A return of the Cattle Egret would have been better but I'm not complaining!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Venus Pool - Cattle Egret!!!

What a homecoming! Firstly the Rock Thrush had waited for me and now my phone was alerting me to a small yellow billed Egret present at VP!! Thanks Brian Lyon and well done, it was indeed a Cattle Egret and apart from being a bit of a County unblocker for some, a reserve 'first' for everyone!!

It wasn't doing much, just sat on one of the islands in front of the North hide...

Eventually it decided to go walkabout...

Attempting to conceal itself behind the odd post?

Before marching on...

And quite surprising to see it getting on well with the locals!

The only birds which seemed to take exception were the Geese!

 It was apt to take flight every now and then but always returned to one of the islands!

You beauty...

Struggling to cough a pellet?

And there's more to come!

Venus Pool - Cattle Egret reflections

Best of friends for a change, maybe the Little Egret realised he hadn't got a very good competitor for the fishing rights? And on reflection...


The closest of encounters and no fisticuffs!

The final pic,  just before admitting that this fishing lark is overrated and best left to others...

All he could catch was feathers!

Peace and tranquillity reigns!